Stock Market: Wall Street ends meeting after Fed 'minutes'

Stock Market: Wall Street ends meeting after Fed ‘minutes’

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REVUE DES MARCHES. The New York Stock Exchange ended on a commercial loan après a few months later when the Fed allowed it to restructure homes.

The tech sector allows balancing divisions of energy and homegroups on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

pour in les nouvelles du marché advisor (again)

Fermeture stock indices

To Toronto, I S&P/TSX I increased from 62.25 points (+0.31%) to 20,282.26 points.

to New York, I S&P 500 I increased from 23.68 points (+0.59%) to 4,027.26 points.

Joyful nasdaq By collecting 110.91 points (+0.99%), I reached 11,285.32 points.

Joyful DOWN I went from 95.96 points (+0.28%) to 34.194.06 points.

Joyful huard It rose from US$0.0010 (+0.1273) to US$0.7489.

Joyful oil It lost $3.50 (-4.32%) to $77.45.

L‘or It rose from US$10.60 (+0.61%) to US$1,750.50.

Joyful bitcoins from US$352.12 (+2.18%) to US$16,516.16 from clôturé en hausse.


According to the summaries of the Fed’s next meeting on November 1 and 2, the majority of Fed Monetary Committee members think a slowdown in taux hauss will be a “bentôt opportunity.” , Mercedes published.

Beginning in November, the Fed plans to increase the quarterly sign-in rate (0.75%) for the three-quarters interest rate between 3.75% and 4%.

The remaining members of the FOMC are hesitant to hand over the job. «We will continue to expect taux increases to increase as you have a restrictive region capability to contain inflation,» which will increase overall competition.

Quant au niveau final des taux au jour le jour, il reste «tres uncertain», more specific members of the Fed agree that quils l’estiment désormais is «plus élevé qu’ils ne le pensaient auparavant».

As a result, the marches are largely convinced, after the oral process of the previous meeting, that the prochaine hausse des taux du 14 decembre will be 50 base points.

According to Peter Cardillo of Spartan Capital, the Fed’s minutes are pas dit grand-chose que le marché ne savait déjà”.

“Fed members think the final taux will be higher, and it’s already a good name among eux who agree to slow the rhythm of the houses”, a resume désormais un relèvement d’ is a half-point in December and a quarter-point in January.

“C’est déjà inscrit dans le Marché, aussi il est resté en house, mais il faut dire que les échanges étaient très faibles en raison de Thanksgiving,” added M. Cardillo.

Ryan Sweet of Oxford Economics, “Les minute mettent en évidence l’uncertitude quant au temps qu’il faudra à la politique métaire pour un impact sur l’economie”, Ruhignait par ailleurs, Oxford Economics.

In forced march, a dix and petals ont reculé consisting of a pitch of 3.68% versus 3.75%.

Manchester United besieged

From many indicators to create a picture that eases the economy. Durable goods biens commands (+1% in October) staves with the transportation sector.

In front of the office, les inscriptions hebdomadaires au chômage ont chômage ont acéléré plus que prevu la semaine dernière, to se monter à 240 000, leur plus haut niveau depuis août, montrant que le Marchéit la le Marchéit le Marchéref inflation, slow down inflation, travail come

Consumer confidence ranked one of the highest in analysts’ eyes in November, according to Michigan Université du Michigan’s final estimate.

His son’s motionless gait was a good surprise, with a 7.5% turnout in October of the new home airing.

Finally, the Markit index of manufacturing activity for November aux États-Unis is partially listed with a soit une contraction of 47.6, which is much more reliable than the forecast.

La cote, le Fabrikat americain d’ordinateurs staff and d’primantes HP i greeted him (HPQ, +1.80% at $29.91) après avoir annoncé la veille qu’il allait congédier d’ici between 4,000 and 6,000 employees in 2025.

Manufacturer of agricultural engines Deere (DE) After three months of results at home that surprised me, a 5.03% bond hit $437.52.

cost Manchester United (MANU) With a US$18.80 price of US$18.80, the Glazer family’s 25.84% stake is a Mardi far from a sales project.

I named him Tesla (TSLA) US $183.20 to 7.82%, positive ratings from analysts

The New York Stock Exchange will be closed to jeuds and will hold a session écourtée vendre for the famous Thanksgiving.

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