Aviation |  Rescue planes from F-35

Aviation | Rescue planes from F-35

The Québécois aérospatiale industry is missing out on key returns from the contract for the purchase of the F-35 chassis aircraft by Royal Canadian Aviation. The possibility of maintaining airlines on the Canadian sun will be accompanied by anticipated investments in domaine de l’innovation technology.

Renewing the CF-18 fleet will not benefit Royal Canadian Aviation. Québécois manufacturers say they will receive a share of $16.9 billion in economic buybacks envisioned by Lockheed Martin, from contract buybacks, where procedures are at the core of the discussion.

L’enjeu ndustriel est is noteworthy. According to American industry, there are 150,000 jobs that will be used by the F-35 program. L’industrie québécoise represents the moitié de l’activité aérospatiale in Canada. This is ideal for developing the industry, even if Québec has an advantage for aeronautics tournaments against the civilian military.

“Au début de la pandémie, le Marché Civil a été frappé de plein fouet, alors que le Marché militaire continuum”, rappelle Suzanne Benoit, PDG d’Aéro Montréal, la grappe aérospatiale québécoise. « On the importance of diversification, there is no activity to avoid a defensive space that balances civic marching cycles. » To be an enterprise eliminating a contract after the leading quartet of a military program military program, to be empowered to take the march and make big orders on a long-term basis to achieve a reliable reputation in the voice quartet.


Suzanne Benoit, CEO of Aero Montreal

A fleet of working Canadian companies abandoned the production of the American company’s F-35. In command of passerby hunting gear, the Canadian peut plus is the way most entrepreneurs hunt. « Nous sommes un cran plus haut: le guvernement canadien achète l’avion, donc il négocie pour positionner d’autres joueurs », souligne Suzanne Benoit. This practice is part of the F-35 program, or mercenaries arriving in Australia contribute to the manufacture of warplanes.

important care

Re-purchases cannot be passed without participating in production. The walking journey is a very important enjeu revêt. “The Canadian government insists that the F-35 be serviced in Canada,” said Martèle Gilles Labbé, chairman of the Héroux-Devtek board.

If you lose care, you lose competencies. […] Army forces can enter military aircraft to the left of Canada. On parle quand meme de possibility de conflitare military. If you have to own aircraft in the United States to enter, this is what autonomy means.

Gilles Labbé, chairman of the board of Héroux-Devtek

Canada is raising the vocal proficiency of the developers in materiel, in the care of her left son. “We are now able to export services and skills to other countries,” says Gilles Labbé.

To be an acteur d’envergure mondiale

L’histoire d’Héroux-Devtek montre interpretation can become an entrepreneurial québécoise, an atmosphere of the world where commands are spoken. A long enterprise in the 80s, specializing in gradually increasing motion systems in train trains and production contracts, do not do the training shooting training of the Apollo lunar module.


Gilles Labbé, chairman of the board of Héroux-Devtek

The firm was gradually imposed from Lockheed Martin for the maintenance or manufacture of different military aircraft and components from Boeing’s Chinook helicopter quadruple. The famous Gilles Labbé brought together the development of the fermentation system concept of the ports for the released versions of the F-35. Our manufacturers do not use the 150 machines manufactured by Lockheed at Laval. Cela pas mal de represents travail! »

Aéro Montréal advised in January with Lockheed Martin on the graves of industrial and contract technologies. Québec airport stands out in the dance of innovation in Canada’s industrial strategy sectors, the wealth of the Canadian economy in the long run, and the advantages it provides for internet research, in the field of investment entrepreneurship. » It also relies on the simplification of administrative requirements to allow the maximum number of companies to participate in the approval process.

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  • 16.9 billion
    Returning participants of the F-35 program for the Canadian economy

    sources: Lockheed Martin and OMX

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