Bons, audiophiles Sonos, Qobuz, Octavio, Teufel, Creative...

Bons, audiophiles Sonos, Qobuz, Octavio, Teufel, Creative…

Major magazines participating in the 10 days of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, plus service brands and quads available in avant leurs offers.



octavio streaming media BF 2022
Octavio, le petit poucet français qui, on l’espère, devient grand, propose an audiophile publisher and one Hifi amp connected In measure it will compete with modèles des cadors du modèles des cadors of the genre such as Sonos or Bluesound. Respecting the dates, provincial devrait dévoiler Special Black Friday deals on siteSold on November 25.

Bowers and Wilkins

Bowers Wilkins PI5 BF
Acoustics doesn’t have a perfect understanding of the acoustics that make up the best of the High End 800 Series’ outstanding games. Néanmoins, when the same thing is offered on Black Friday, sur sound true wireless trackers PI5 is currently €140 on Amazon, but should arrive soon €129 instead of 189 €.


Teufel XL November BF
allemande sign teufel, expert in acoustic passives and actives, no participation. Starting from the 1st of the month, the November operation of the foil started with a discount plus 40%:
double columns Hifi Last 40 castings €299.99 under €499.99
Home Theater Package Pour Ultima 40 Surround 5.1 €699.99 under €999.99
turn on bluetooth pouring explosives €299.99 from € 369.99 instead of au
numbered post for Radio One €99.99 from 169.99 € instead of au
son at barre For Cinebar 11 2.1-Set €299.99 from €449.99 instead of au
Ecouteurs sport sans elephant Pour Airy Sports TWS €99.99 from € 149.99 instead of au
Audible helmet with noise reduction Pour True Blue NC €129,99 from € 229.99 instead of au

toutes others “Black Deal” promotions from Teufel sont ici.


Qobuz BF
Le service français de music en ligne cruciatethis is equally true for the quality of the audio restoration than for the number of available titles that will be cataloged as Black Friday twice on the streets at Valbles jusqu’au, November 30:
just remiss 80% see a large selection of albums in one download.
– Only 25% Discount on final payment card cards on streaming service for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Creative Labs

Creative Zen Hybrid Black Friday
South Creative’s online boutique, Expert date, coordinator accessories are not offered as a blank piece on Black Friday. For example:
Helmet, Creative Zen Hybrid à 55 € instead of 110 € (See all offers).
Cards Creative Sound BlasterX Katana à €190 instead of 300 € (See all offers).
Ecouteurs true wireless reduction Creative Outlier Pro de bruit à 59 € instead of 99 € (See all offers).
Webcam Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 €40 instead of 70 € (See all offers).
Latest Creative Stage at Mini Barre à €72 instead of 90 € (See all offers).


Sonos Holiday22 Holiday BF
Sonos, the elephant and multi-room head of sound, has -20% off current audio pros on November 28. Cela Donne:
sound bar Sonos Arca 788€ (See all offers).
The tomb at Le Caisson For Sonos Sub (Gen 3) €678 (See all offers).
sound bar Sonos Beam (2nd Gen) €377 (See all offers).
L’enceinte monoblock Sonos One €173 (See all offers) et sa petite sister Sonos One SL €148 (See all offers).
L’enceinte nomad Sonos Roaming €138 (See all offers) and hr deviation Sonos Roaming SL €117 (See all offers)

Work in progress: nous ajoutons des offres au fur et à mesure.

Chez ON-mag, we encourage you during this promotional period (et en règle générale) une consommation raisonnée, raisonnable and responsable, à ne pas céder aux achats compulsifs et inutiles.


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Good plan, Black Friday

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