Toyota RAV4 2023 : voici les prix et les détails des modèles pour le Canada

Toyota RAV4 2023: awards and details for Canada | automobile news

• Toyota Canada announces the awards for the RAV4 2023.

• RAV4 input range price is $32,150.

• There are 16 different models to choose from (and include RAV4 Prime models).

Toyota Canada has set the takeoff reward for the Toyota RAV4 2023 at $32,150. The price has reached $59,740 for the RAV4 Prime XSE Technology Pack.

The popular VUS compact radius or changes to the next generation models are available in all new versions (RAV4 Hybrid XLE Premium), as well as interior technologies. and the new limited edition, RAV4 Hybrid Woodland Edition.

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Toyota RAV4 Woodland 2023 – Profile

The most popular of Toyota, VUS is a set of enhancements for Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 and Toyota Multimedia connectivity system. Touch screens work wonders in the plural part of the modes as well as the variety of information. Et les acheteurs has revealed new fashion models to choose from a very wide range of games.

Not surprisingly, Toyota is proposing a new RAV4 in core seule, hybrid and hybrid rechargeable (Prime) configurations. All models are equipped with an integrated traction system. In a dual service, mode selection: RAV4 models feature Toyota’s integrated traction system for dynamic dual vector, helping to disconnect the movie theater chain as well as RAV4 Hybrid and RAV4 Prime son equipment. traction integrated system électronique à la demand.

2023 Toyota RAV4 Woodland - Arriere

2023 Toyota RAV4 Woodland – Arriere

See details of chaque variante du Toyota RAV4 2023:

Toyota RAV4 LE (PDSF: $32,150): Equip route 17 from the top, encircle front passenger drivers, add interior in DEL, multi-terrain select, window assistants and car mount and auto-lower windows, reconsider outdoor drivers outside the zone auxiliary, air-conditioning, angle tracking and transversal circulation alert and 680 kg (1,500 lb) torque capacity.

This year’s new model is the multimedia system Toyota avec Service Connect and sound system, tactile display plus large screen 8 po, d’un écran multifonction plus grande mesurant 7 po, d’une garniture d’une garniture of argentée and system Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 .

RAV4 XLE (PDSF: $35,890): Lots of lighting aids, a driver siege 8-stage assist, a temporary driver, passengers, interruptions in the inserts, projector-type and chrome trims in DEL, two-zone automatic temperature control, Intelligent system Key, locked with Toyota’s push button button, for power active windows, a car helper and longer durations.

RAV4 XLE Premium (PDSF: 37,930 USD): 19 gp en alliage routes, a vendor at SoftTex, antibrouillards in DEL, a memorization system for the conductor, a gear set removal from the cuir pommeau des, latéral fillet fillet and un filet a bagages dans Charging compartment, with antivolt alarm cannot immobilize the engine.

RAV4 Road (PDSF: $39,590): Change the level definition of XLE and have a boiler plus dynamics, distances from extreme dimensions, anti-brouillards in unique garnishes in DEL, 19 po en alliage Trail exclusive routes, charging plateau without electronic equipment personnel, Ponto type total lengths, a The award consists of 120 V/100 W in the car compartment in AC, a traction integrated system dual dynamic dual transmission arbre de Toyota decoupling, and 1,588 kg (3,500 lb) towing capacity in a remodeling assembly.

RAV4 Limited (PDSF: $43,750): Complete all racks to fill non-electric mods. I represent the final stage of XLE and set JBL as a sound system with 11 high-rise Clari-Fi technology, 8 editing aids, front passengers and air vents, car passengers, a memorization system For conductor surround, projector type projector in double DEL For its course, course and course, light bands in the DEL, a retrovisor in the connection number, panoramic imaging and a hayyon sensor are active par le pied.

Alliage 19 routes, transverse and free circulation warning intelligent alarm system, an engine immobilization with alarm, charging plateau without electronic device personnel.

The integrated traction system, in the modulation of the dual dynamics, the transmission barrier is currently available and the model has a towing capacity of 680 kg (1,500 lb). Retrouve and plus des longons des longons des en noir, des poignées de chromeees, and des retroviseurs extérieurs chauffants asess avec d’éclairage du sol.

The new tuners are larger than the heads of other models (10.5-disc info orientation display and 12.3-core touchscreen), and all indoor units are the main unit of the piano’s main unit.

Toyota RAV4 SE Hybrid 2022/23 - Exterior design

Toyota RAV4 SE Hybrid 2022/23 – Exterior design

RAV4 Hybrid LE (PDSF: $34,390): Features of the Regulier LE mod.

RAV4 Hybrid XLE (PDSF: $37,550): Same features as regular XLE model.

RAV4 Hybride XLE Premium (PDSF: 39,590 USD): A new version for 2023. Model ajoute des roues de 18 po en alliage, des antibrouillards à DEL, a sellerie en SoftTex, a systeme de mémorization for le siège du conductor, a pommeau de levier de gearses garni de cuir, a fillet hold a fillet with luggage.

RAV4 Hybrid Woodland (PDSF: $39,740): Également nouveau cette année. The limited edition model is equipped with 18 po TRD Hors route au fini bronze wheels, TRD suspension caliber, des toit longons and des crossbars, Trail, des emouts d’échappement noirs, des antibrouillards a DEL, des mats protectioneurs. A unique charging plateau bearing the all-season and Woodland emblem, as well as a 120V/100W AC courant award in the charging compartment.

RAV4 Hybride Limited (PDSF: $45,390): Rebuild the XLE Hybrid and amplify the JBL sound system with lighting bands in 11 high parity, 18 tracks on closest roads, highest speeds and type projector roads double DEL on DEL and antibrouillards DEL, avant drivers and vents, des sièges arrière drivers, a siège du passenger avant à 8 reglagesistans, a retroviseur intérieur à affichage and HomeLink and le le vue panorama.

It also includes the all-port Smart Key system from Toyota with démarrage à bouton-poussoir, a hayon à command assistant with foot-activated sensors, an immobilisateur de moteur avec alarme, a plato de recharge sans fil pour appareils électroniques staff, and le sonar degagement intelligent and transverse circulation alarm system and free roaming. New this year is the 10.5-inch touchscreen display and the 12.3-inch conductive screen mod.

RAV4 Hybrid SE (PDSF: $39,350): Change the XLE model and a style and performances plus sports, the shape of the suspension sport, long distances and dual DEL projector type projector route paths, the illuminations on the 18-point paths in the DEL en noir, d’embouts d’échappement noirs, d’une sellerie en vec of bluees, d’un pommeau de levier de cuir garni de Ve de pare-chocs and moulures de bas de caisse noir lustré. The screens are 8-segment touch information guidance screen and 7-segment conductor screen.

RAV4 Hybrid XSE (PDSF: 42,250 USD): Add an illuminated vertical band in DEL, siege papers and white curtains in SofTex, all blacks, with HomeLink’s official number, a retrovisor interior, a double charging compartment and a motor stabilizer with alarm. orientation screen and 12.3 pieces conductive screen screen.

RAV4 Hybrid by Group Technology (PDSF : 44,810 USD): Add a memory system for the driver’s seat, an assisted hayon with a sensor activated for the foot, a panoramic vision monitor, a Smart Key system for all ports with démarrage à bouton-poussoir from Toyota, a charging plate that is not filled by electronic staff, and le sonar degagement smart and transverse circulation warning system and free circulation.

Toyota RAV4 Prime 2022/23

Toyota RAV4 Prime 2022/23

RAV4 Prime SE (PDSF: $49,390): Rechargeable modèle, 18-pin sockets, 6.6 kW AC charger, silver central group, 7-pole multifunction lamp and 8-pole tactile lamp, front sièges chauffants, du contrôle automatica de la température à deux zone, d 8 editing assistants with a conductor flank, double in DEL the projector’s font lights and path paths in the DEL, and a volatile driver gain in the DEL

A helpful mod for the Smart Key system makes the most of a Toyota purchase, cell phones and cached trunks.

RAV4 Prime XSE (PDSF: $54,350): 19 routes for connectivity, vertical connection in DEL, a charging plateau without charging for electronic device personnel, a network and SofTex vendor, a hard drive with alarm, a security system and a security system a retroviseur intérieur à affichage numérique. The screens are 8-point touch information guidance screen and 12.3-point conductor screen.

RAV4 Prime XSE with Groupe Technology (PDSF : 59,740 USD) : Add JBL sound system to 11 loud speakers, Smart Key system to all ports in Toyota, all vendors in SofTex, siège du conductor, a memory system for siège du Passenger avant 8 reglages aids, des sièges avant chauffants and ventilés, a hayon assé avec capteur par le pied, le moniteur à vue panorama, un tête tete haute. The screens are 10.5 pieces of touch information guidance screen and 12.3 screens of conductive screen.

Toyota RAV4 2023 is a maintenance company controlling the concessionaires of Toyota du Canada.

Toyota RAV4 SE Hybrid 2022/23 - Interior

Toyota RAV4 SE Hybrid 2022/23 – Interior

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