Want to Make Money on Metaverse?  Check Out This New $0.025 Crypto Pre-Sale Now

Want to Make Money on Metaverse? Check Out This New $0.025 Crypto Pre-Sale Now

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New pre-sale project robot age As investors rushed to buy the native TARO token despite the chaos in the wider crypto market, it has now surpassed the landmark figure of $200,000 in just two weeks. TARO has a significant plus potential especially for investors who want to make profits in the virtual reality world.

What is the Robot Age?

RobotEra is a GameFi project combining multiple next generation technology concepts. non-fold tokens (NFTs) for staking and even the metaverse.

RobotEra, a product of LBank Labs, takes players to Taro, a virtual world where they can rebuild a planet destroyed in a catastrophic event. As the world is ready for a new breath of life, players can choose their robot avatar and purchase land to rebuild the environment.

With RobotEra, players enter the planet Taro and rebuild structures ranging from houses to museums and shopping malls. They can also buy land and property that are NFTs. While the goal is to rebuild the entire planet from scratch, these tokens can be traded in-game if players prefer.

As the buildings built become salable assets, metaverse lands can be monetized in different ways, from selling spaces in billboard advertisements to getting ticket entry prices and more. Players can also go on quests and participate in events while building on terrain in this virtual world.

RobotEra provides different custom build tools that players can use. Users can add to dynamic 3D scenes, interact with other players, and customize their builds with images and music. They can play and earn from the game even without coding knowledge.

As the game grows, RobotEra’s founders believe there will be more use cases and ways that players can generate revenue over time. Metaverse is open to everyone with minimal restrictions based on device and location.

NFT and Metaverse Next Generation Solutions

What started with Bitcoin as a movement has since evolved into an entire financial order. Now, entire ecosystems have emerged to expand further in this decentralized economy. NFT and metaverse are two exciting things. Both the 2021 crypto basin instantly stood out and continued to grow despite a broader market downtrend.

According to a Metaverse marketing reportThe virtual reality and augmented reality environment is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.4% from 2022 to 2030.

NFTs also have strong future appeal for a few investors. According to a market report published by TechnavioThe digital collectibles ecosystem is expected to reach an extraordinary value of $147 billion over the next four years. This follows a projected market growth trajectory of 35.27% in YBBO over the indicated period.

This points to enormous potential, and RobotEra’s focus service in this area is even more exciting.

Considering that several tech companies are exploring both subsectors, RobotEra is a crypto gem not to be missed.

TARO – Local Token

TARO, named after the planet metaverse, robot age. The digital asset was recently launched for pre-sale and has raised over $204,500.

With the metaverse games expected to resurrect as the market turns bullish, TARO is a digital asset that investors rely on to see a price spike.

Currently, the price of a TARO is only $0.025. However, because of your existence pre-sale divided into different stages, the price will rise even higher.

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