A subway frequency drop and bus sent to Montreal

A subway frequency drop and bus sent to Montreal

According to the information obtained by Radio-Canada, many measures that ensure the balance of the budget are seriously working to be implemented as of 2023.

Most importantly, it is about the decrease in the frequency of metro and bus services.

combines% [pour les] 4.8 etbus% [pour le] 3.7% reduction in métro”,”text”:”service offer [pour les] bus and from 4.8% [pour le] meters”}}”>3.7% reduction in service offer [pour les] bus and from 4.8% [pour le] metre double fit for 2022 figure parmi les real sailors Document that you want to consult a counselor, qui evoke Responsible budgeting in a difficult economic context.

An $18 million economy might be possible in real life.

Concrete, touching the main points in the script and the end of the semester, puisque la STM sure vouloir Maintaining a level of service at pointe similaire in 2019.

d’ulttimes discussions to come

Communication Radio-Canada, STM no information goes through, but there is no specific information as to what exactly it is.

Press hours, pour. Inside week outThe final state of the budget presented by Montréalais is disclosed in an interview with the director of the public body, Marie-Claude Léonard.

In a discussion, it is impossible to save funds. Encore encore of the last script on aujourd’huipoint-t-hand.

Negotiations are on the definitive STM general directive, Québec and l’Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM), instead of Montréal Ville, nommée l’été dernier.

« Ca ne veut pas dire qu’on va toucher aux services [mais] weather depends on some things, to scan manque à gagner. »

a quote STM Headquarters Marie-Claude Léonard

des analyzes with a scalpel See courses for real moyens des moyens of economies, confirm.

For example, at the bus stop, is reset [des] Lignes où can achieve a frequency without customer hassle. More du service pour aussi être ajouté dance des quartiers ndustriels où ne fait pas de teletravailI scolded him.

Selon les documents obtained by Radio-Canada, STM devrait encore chercher de to identify new sources of income Estimates plus $51 million.

Slightly more élevé than in 2022, or to joke Marie-Claude Léonard announced that $43 million has been confirmed.

I set the frequency at points in my spare time [du métro] et ça avait réduit la frequence d’à peine one minuteTo provide the STM general directive.

Desormais, STM touchée, come tous, par l’inflation ve l’indexation des salairesdiscovery-manual.

Budget at home, no budget

According to documents obtained by Radio-Canada, STM’s prochain budget will be $1.67 billion in 2022, up from 1.58 billion.

for God’s sake bus and metro fares increased, L’achalandage, QUANT à LUI, 70% as aux Environs de 70% in the réseau underground, in a relatively prepandémique period. At maximum, predict STM with chairlift reaching 82% in 2023.

Marie-Claude Léonard says that a new perspective on everything is wrong.2023, les gens auront leurs leurs habitudes de travail et ce sera à nous de refaire notre solution pour aller chercher de nouveaux client.”,”text”:”Probably qu’à l’été2023, les gens auront leurs leurs of travail et ve habits ce sera à nous de faire notre serve de service pour aller chercher de nouveaux.”}}”>Probably in 2023, les gens auront leurs de travail’s ve ce sera à nous de refaire notre de réfaire for aller chercher de nouveaux client.

combines voluntarily maintain services

There are different tracks for STM budget reduction, this is part of the chain chain. Buses and metro are free for Aînés.?

Documents received by Radio-Canada évoquent des, except for the reduction of the service offer mugs Advertisers participate in campaigns reduction of external professional services or prepare a report various projects.

pour double respect [sa] ManagementMarie-Claude Léonard rejecting others hypotheses South table. Elle met most of the pressure on the government in Montréal Ville and Legault.

La STM a la volonté, si l’argent est au rendez-vous, marriage proposal in 2023 A similar proposal to 2022 celle.again-t-hand.

« To find the solution to the crisis climate, to take a series of security measures and to garden to provide an attractive service. »

a quote STM Headquarters Marie-Claude Léonard

Reduce service the last piste qu’on souhaite mettre en place.

Toutefois, admetelle, Best way to handle all scenarios for scenarios that can balance the entire budget, to maximize accountability.

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