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Alerts and records for CR7, criminal cases… Tops and Flops in Portugal-Ghana

Sérieusement bousculé par le Ghana, le Portugal and tout de même gagné is the first match of the Coupe du monde (3-2). Cristiano Ronaldo went down in history when the Lusitanian defense trembled right after the match. Tops and Flops are voiced in Portugal-Ghana.

Peaks of Portugal-Ghana

Des larmes and the CR7 record

The déjà l’une of paintings in plus powers at Mondial in Qatar. Three emu visibly await les larmes aux yeux during the quintet Ballon d’Or, l’hymne du Portugal. I will say that the pressure was absolutely huge. les épaules de l’attaquant de 37 ans. This is the most influential of the chances to report a monde du monde Coupe with Quinas’ Seleção. Les derniers jours ontégalement été tétès motionés le natif de Madère. Against Manchester United, Real Madrid’s former vedette faced the ultimate certainty of his career of victory.

This helps you reenact the lives of history. They have a perfect physique for my whole soul, a detail that cannot be ignored for a joueur who does not wait for three nights. The five-point Ballon d’Or did not tremble as he changed the penalty. Il devient d’ailleurs le premier joueur de l’histoire à marquer dans cinq Coupe du monde différentes (8 points in total).

Jerusalem supersonic

On a team that doesn’t shine with offensive qualities, the terrain is like hell. Ajax Joueur de l’Ajax is a huge living space facing an enemy bigger than paper. Mohamed Kudus n’était notamment pas loin de marquer un ama de foie après un sprint déroutant (57ème). This frappe au ras du sol is from Diogo Costa’s use of bad media. Très adroit balle au pied (4 réussis in 4 tries), 22-year-old jouer ans sait également soulager when he souffles his last équipe (6 ball récupérés). Finally, I’ll give a decisive pass for André Ayew (73rd) who let the Blacks Stars return in the unexpectedly unexpected match. You can’t understand Otto’s choice to pick the best item in the last five minutes of the match.

Bruno Fernandes precious

Belle entrée en matière to the Mancunien dans cette Coupe du monde. Bruno Fernandes directly contributed to the success of the 2016 European Champions League with his two decisive passes to the computer (3 open passes, 8 transfers in the top positions). The final crew’s image, terrain environment, and prison temperatures can be measured as evidence. If it’s the premiere of a brilliant night, it’s half off at best.

Portugal-Ghana Flops

Portugal is safer

If you triumph, you can never laugh at pouring Seleção of Quinas. I won’t be able to participate in a penalty (plutôt généreux) for Portugal to eventually score. An effective horse norm, a choice that makes more money for your son, who is your worst enemy. This is enough for all leaf fall and parait sage. First mi-temps fut ainsi bien pauvre dans le secteur offendsif. Fernando Santos’ men owned 70% of the franchise, peiné pour se montrer Hazard. Defense, le bilan n’est pas non plus très positive. Blacks Stars are the top two brands no matter what. Diogo Costa makes no irreparable commitment to an incomprehensible ballet piece due to temporary extensions.

A penalty qui fait argument

After a trip to Canada, a scandal or scandal tour in Ghana. The penalty was effective with all the clarity of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is difficult to see any significant contact between the Portuguese and Mohammed Salisu. Il n’empêche que cette décision arbitrale a tout change…

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