Probe inflation IQPF |  La moitié des Québécois on a financial plan

Probe inflation IQPF | La moitié des Québécois on a financial plan

The uncertainty and escalation of the environment stressing the middle of Québécois to avoid project reports and change their completion habits. Plan to fund a fait accompli for lifelong antistress treatment.

Rich or poor, interns, travailleurs or educators, Québécois Moitié des Québécois ont vu leur stress level In 2022, conduct a research survey for the québécois planning finance Institute (IQPF) in the finance margin planning week

La bonne nouvelle, c’est que 56% des Québécois, qu’ils sont sur la bonne voie pour les études des enfants, les achats significantes, la retraite, les assurances, leur succession, etc. finance . Ici, this is not a budget, but a global guide. As part of the master plan, 80% of Québécois forms an emergency fund.

To do this, research clearly that the income bracket is important. Having a financial plan that allows you to control our situation and foresee yourself against the oversight of the economic context that you do not control on an individual level.

Chantal Lamoureux, President-General Director of the Québécois Financial Planning Institute

People with annual incomes plus high is good, they tend to have a financial plan (vs 35% over $30,000, 78% over $100,000, and 57% in the centre), not necessary d’être riche pour en faire un. Certain institutions lease their clients to leurs at no additional cost. For others, Chantal Lamoureux talks about people presenting quelques heures to a financial planner on Christmas Eve. «Un cadeau qui change la vie, car on investit dans son avenir», souligne-t-elle.

63% on changing habits

If you collect $30,000 for each year, or up to $100,000 plus months, respondents’ levels confirm that they have changed their consumption habits. Due to eating out (77%), restaurant (75%), need to eat (62%) or reduced kitchen use (34%).

The inflation tactic turned 45% of respondents’ projects into a fait accompli. Parmi eux, 40% change in itineraries, 26%, host, 20%, retreat, 22%, car rental and 5%, post-secondary school education 5%.

« Concerns about respondents opposing the reporter or canceling post-secondary studies, dancing notamment about the basic educational context or the maintenance and future of qualifications, confirm in the interview Chantal Lamoureux, chairman – general directive of the IQPF. Ce cannot have enough children to develop competences not in the société dommage Comme Société Qu’on Ne Soit Pas, Québec’s Faire Evluer le Besoin Faire Evluer le besoin. »

Free personal finance courses

On the occasion of the planning financing Semaine, l’IQPF offers five free trainings at charities in Québéco so that financial staff can understand certain aspects of their finances. These formations cover the themes of financial affairs, home home, preparation for the child’s destination, sound level movement, and financing of studies.

The survey will be posted online from October 27 to November 2, 2022, following 1009 respondents aged 18 and over.

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